The Seeds of Xanxadu started by Justin Gay in 2013 as a multi-location farming operation.  Justin began using unused land (including the backyards of homeowners)  to start  The Seeds of Xanxadu.  This enabled The Seeds of Xanxadu to grow nutrient rich fast growing crops at a very intense level. 


Founder, Justin Gay, prefers this method over the more conventional style of food production.  This size of plot allows for a more detailed, hands on approach to farming, something that is very difficult to accomplish on a 100 acres. We have found this approach consistently leads to a higher quality  product that we can be proud of. 


At The Seeds of Xanxadu all of our produce is grown naturally meaning we never spray  harmful pesticides or use soil depleting chemical fertilizers. In fact most of our produce is still living only moments before purchase.


Our mission is to change the way food is viewed, by delivering the freshest nutrient rich produce we possibly can while teaching our local customers  the benefits of growing their own food to better empower our community. 


We believe our small scale farming approach  is the solution to the depletion of nutrients found in food and more importantly the soil food is grown in. We chose to combat the destructive status quo way of food production one small farm at a time all the while eating good nutrient rich food having a good time and ultimately enriching our lives and the people we serve. A change in the way we live is entirely up to us.


Presently the gardening operation is running out of our home plot in Fontana, CA.  Stay tuned for some of the other things we have growing at The Seeds of Xanxadu.

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The Seeds Of Xanxadu