Garden Tour 1

Hey man thanks again for checking out my video. Today I'm giving a tour of the garden. The first bed I stop at was a bed I had built and couldn't keep any plants in all due to my dog Mochi. Nevertheless I am happy to report I have since planted out that same bed and looks like what I've decided to plant Mochi has zero interest in. (I win! Hahaha) I planted a few Red Giant Mustards, as well as a few Green Globe Artichokes (he ain't messin' with those leaves) some Cilantro a few more Red Onions that were given to me, some Garlic as well as some Thyme. All it looks like I needed to do was to find things he just doesn't like to eat. It's been a few weeks now and so far so good. Although I am away at the moment, so I'm not quite sure what I'll find when I get back. Next stop I make is at an experiment I've been wanting to do for a while now which is a sustainable section. I must say things are going pretty well at least things apper to be doing what I want them to do so I'm happy. Most of my peas have died way back and all that's really left are my Tree Collards, Radishes and a few other plants that just showed up. (I'll be doing a vid on it soon) Now off to the Brassicas bed where I show the different types of Broccoli I'm growing as well as the companion plants I have growing next them. As you can see in the video most of the broccoli I was growing at the time was going to flower. In fact the Graffiti Broccolli I showed was in the first stages of flowering not going to seed. The part of the Broccolli we generally eat is the head which is the plant going to flower not seed. I often take for granted that as soon as I see flowers begining to bloom that the plant will be going to seed so I refered to it that way (bad habit). That being said first things first, flowers then pollination then seeds. My bad if I confused anyone. Lastly we end up at a very cool surprise and find a tomato growing in my worm bin. Come to find out there are a few different types growing in there. As far as I can tell there's Romas, Some sort of Cherry as well as Beef Steaks. Seeing as though they were growing all through the winter I just figured they were Cherry tomatoes (CherryTomatoes are said to be a bit more cold resistant than other non cold resistant tomato plants) so I never really took that hard of a look at the plant until I found that tomato. Now it's like I have this crazy bush of random tomato plants growing. What's really nuts is now that I have a better idea as to what's actually growing in there, it's going to be interesting to watch these heavy feeders grow that close to one another in 100% worm castings. I'm just gonna sit back and watch it all play out. Thanks again. Peace


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