Urban Gardening

Why Urban Gardening? because urban gardening is making it possible for everyone, with/without land to be an active participant in their food's ecosystem.

No yard? No balcony or patio? I mean just no space at all?

No worries Urban Gardening is just what the doctor ordered. There are multiple options when it comes to urban gardening. Here are few of my favorites; ranging from complete DIY to not even hosting the garden at your own house.

Urban Gardening 1: Pots & Plates

This option is for the person who want to do it all themselves but they don't have any outside space.

You can grown plenty in pots. Depending on your particular set-up you may want to adjust your lighting or choose plants that grow what you have.

Urban Gardening 2: Community Gardens

These are similar to CSA and actually a lot of CSA are based out of a community garden. This is a space where you go and volunteer your time to the upkeep of the community's garden.

The garden without the hosting.


They're a great outdoor option during quarantine to serve your community, get some vitamin D and connect with nature; all which have been prove to improve our immunity!

Urban Gardening 3: Renting A Plot

If you do not have the space but are wanting to produce on a large scale this option is for you!

You get the land without the hosting. This is a larger investment of your resources (time & money), so be sure.

Urban Gardening 4: Vertical Beds

Vertical Beds can be free standing or stand alone. Either option takes your growing up instead of out saving you some ground if your space is really tight. Or maybe you just prefer the esthetics of the vertical beds.

Hope these suggestions help. Let me know if you start one and tag me in your photos so I can say what's up!

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