Gift Guide for the Gardener in Your Life

It's that time of the year yall. And with all that has transpired we've seen a spike in the gardener gang. Some are doing it because they want to reduce cost, others because they want to know first hand what they are consuming, for many it is therapeutic, and it most certainly can be lucrative.

This week I am sharing my Top 4 Gifts that even I would not mind receiving. If the gardener in your life is new to the gang or been digging in dirt for decades they gifts never get old. Bonus for most you can never have too many.

Gift 1 Tools

Hand Shovels, Hardware (wire, wood, pots,), Rakes, Watering Devices

Every gardener needs one or multiples of these items. The right tools make it that much easier. Not sure what your gardener may need, a gift card to their local hardware store is always great!

Gift 2 Pocket Knife

A Life Saver

These things have saved me time and time again. Remember MacGiver? You need a pocket knife. Check out @ for some really dope handcrafted one.

Gift 3 Seeds

What Garden Doesn't Need Seeds

This is where you may need to know a bit more about your gardener's garden, or intended one. No worries if you don't know much about gardening yourself, most seed labels are beginner friendly and will let you know their preferred climate and season. Ask your nursery attendant or use the chat box if you're shopping online. is a great online bank.

Gift 4 Rugged Light Clothing

Sun, Winds or Rain

Plants don't care about the weather and if their garden is outdoors some gear that really helps work in the elements are Breathable Long Sleeves (REI) and Cargo Pants. I find cargo pants work better than jeans; they can be a bit more breathable and come with way more pockets, a great time saver.

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