Microgreens 101: How To Store Your Microgreens

Well any greens for that matter, hahaha.

Hey, yall. The first question after purchase is, how do I store them when I get home?

While no two fridges are created equally, there are a few steps you can take to help your micros stay fresher longer.

  1. Wash'em It doesn't take much. Gently wash your microgreens under the shower setting of your faucet. If you don't have this setting use your hand to sprinkle them.

  2. Spin'em While drying them on a paper towel will work. I prefer to use a salad spinner to get rid of as much moisture as possible.

  3. Store'em Prepare your Tupperware, glass or plastic, by placing a dry paper towel in the bottom, then place your dired microgreens on top. If you know your fridge produces a lot of condensation add another paper towel on top.

If you bought Market Mixes, no problem just dump your micros in something or on a clean surface, then either add a paper towel to the contain they came in or follow step 3 if you are storing them in a different container.

Because You Asked

I get asked a lot about what to use at home in the kitchen and in the garden. So I am creating a page with all of this information for you. Salad spinners and tupperware are sure to be there. I get a few coins if you use my links, thank you in advance.

The products mentioned in this post are below for your convenience.

Larger Spinner

Small Spinner



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