1. Sulforaphane Has Anti-Cancer Properties

2. Supports Cardiovascular Health

3. Broccoli Sprouts Have Anti-Diabetic Properties

4. Reduces the Symptoms of Autism

5. Anti-Aging Properties

6. Boosts Brain Function

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  • These micros are best in salads, sushi, sandwhiches, I love em in eggs! However when it comes to broccoli I tend to enjoy them more raw.

  • How to Care for your micro greens.

    Unfortunately not all refidgerators are created equal. Some  seem to create more condensation thatn others. The key to keeping just about all veg fresh is to keep it in tupperware(I hear glass works best.) or a seperate comapartment of the fridge. In the case of microgreens, I find a dry papper towel at the bottom of your tupperware acts  as a great place to strore them. I also find putting them in the crisper helps that much more. The thinner microgreens like broccoli, cilantro, cabbage, radish etc. have a hard time if the fridge is on too low of a setting. Not to mention if your fridge is anything like mine, it may have areas that are cooler than others as well.

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