Broccili Microgreens contain sulforaphane which has been shown to have a range of potential health benefits:

  • supports an active immune response
  • promotes positive inflammation response
  • promotes healthier aging
  • supports a healthier cardiovascular system helps promote brain focus and health


  • These micros are best in salads, sushi, sandwhiches, I love em in eggs! However when it comes to broccoli I tend to enjoy them more raw.

  • How to Care for Microgreens

    The key to keeping just about all veg fresh is to keep it in tupperware (I hear glass works best) or a seperate comapartment of the fridge.

    I find a dry papper towel at the bottom of your tupperware acts  as a great absober of any condensation that may accumulate in your container. This prevents early wilting making your greens stay hold their texture longer.  Putting them in the crisper adds goes a long way as well.

    For thinner microgreens like broccoli, cilantro, cabbage, & radish avoid the cooler parts of the fridge; back top shelf.  If a crisper is not an option try the door of the fridge instead. 

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