Welcome to Our Store!

Every thing you'll find in here has been grown by me or one of my friends in a nearby city.

We do our very best to stay truly local.

Farm Hours/Farm Pickup

Mon-Friday 8-1

Market Pickups

DT Riverside Sat 8-1

Cerritos Sat  8-1 (no source product. see delivery)

Long Beach Sunday 8-2 (no source product. see delivery)

Los Angeles Thursdays 5-7


2 Miles or Less Free 

$5    5mile 

$10 10mile (including our farmer markets locations) All other areas please contact Justin.

DT Riverside and Ceritos Sat after 1:45

Long Beach Sundays after 2:45

Locally Sourced

We do our best to get you your produce asap! Allow a few days for sourced items. Average wait is a day.

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